Summer 2010

I am bored.

Would not mind working but what can you do when no one will offer you an interview after handing out so many CV’s.

Back to University for the third year I guess. Yes, very scared to go back as time is flying by so quick and soon I will have to join the army of lifeless humans who look as if they have been taken over by aliens. Everyday they have the same routine in life once they are in the corporate World.

Same old black & white life I will be in soon where it’s all about the money and family responsibilities. I doubt there will be anymore time for colourful dreams as before and fun with friends. That open mind of ours won’t be open as it is now because we won’t have the time to be free and have that life to absorb all the information as we did when we were students.

Feel much better after sharing what was on my mind. Hope there is someone who will read this.

Naveed Ahmed



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