Found A New Friend

Has found a very good friend who I can relate to. You don’t find many nice friends in Newcastle who keep in touch with you and ask if your ok, people are in a rush in this busy city and running about. Standing in Newcastle City Centre and observing people around you will indicate to you instantly that no one has time for anyone even if they know you mutually. Sometimes you have to drag people by the hair and force them to meet you and have a chat to feel better.

From the 22 years I’ve been in Newcastle I have found out from experience that you will only be communicated with in person on constant basis if you are of some benefit to them. Many will not bother making the effort to arrange a meeting with you unless they need help and as of that I do not make the effort anymore, need me then they know where to find me.

Very happy to have found this special person who appreciates having me as a friend and sharing how they feel with me. I love Newcastle though and its nice to find someone who is kind and caring towards you even if you have just met recently. Hoping to have a a very long friendship with them and being there for each other even if things are not going well because thats what friends do.



2 thoughts on “Found A New Friend

  1. “you will only be communicated with in person on constant basis if you are of some benefit to them” Thats so correct, so fucking correct but i believe that this thing happens everywhere, no only in Newcastle. George M.

    • lol I know George people are like that everywhere but I am have become very tired of being used in Newcastle. Sunderland is better from my experience, I guess it is because I have had many good or best friends in Newcastle who have stopped talking and just forgot about you or don’t keep in touch because someone is at University and they are not. Naveed.A.

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