Is happy and stress free after working very hard over the winter break. Did not get to enjoy Christmas, Eid or New Years. Hopefully now that I have my two essays finished and only a bit left on literature review I can go out the house more often and not be crazy anymore from having no social life. I don’t think I have ever went one month and 8 days without communicating face-t0-face with someone who is not inside the house.

I am so relieved and over the moon, Naveed will be walking proud to Starbucks as usual to chill and just do little baby work on his dissertation and be a proper smart person sitting with a Hot Grande Coffee. I am also hoping I have some nights of partying and shop for more clothes and lots of other stuff. Not looking forward to my 23rd birthday but hope its better than last year, best friend in Newcastle better link up with me or i’ll kick his ass to North Pole.

2011 is my year to prosper and find love. Will try and be more happy this year and work out more as I keep eating and working out which does not help improve anything and I stay the same, a slim guy. A little muscle would be nice indeed.

Naveed Ahmed (Smiling)


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