Unwell, Bruno Mars & Romantic Bollywood Movies

Friday 28th January 2011

I don’t know why but I have a very bad head and no energy at all to be looking at journals, books and writing my final draft of the literature review for dissertation. You know that feeling you got everything done but when you need to alter or correct your work there is whole lot more to do, plan was to start on making alterations but I need to rest and not think at all.

On this day of resting I have been listening to Bruno Mars because his music just expresses how some guys feel. Finally an artist that is getting in touch with other peoples feelings and not just about sex, drugs and alcohol.

It maybe crazy but I never watch romantic Bollywood movies because love stories in them movies never come true in reality. It is nice to watch them movies though and just see how nice it is to be in love and how I have had that experience and can relate to it.


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