Lost A Best Friend!

Saturday 29th January 2011

I’ve lost a very dear friend that I knew for years and had went to secondary school with. Someone who I could talk to but he has disrespected the friendship we had by talking bad things about me to others. I don’t know what he was aiming for but he has really hurt me for sure. Now if a friend I knew since secondary school can be like that then who else can be the same. I can never trust someone again as a friend and be able to have a conversation about anything, quiet and alone is what I will be doing at home or anywhere like University.

Update (May 2011)

Situation has not changed. This maybe for the best because there is a saying of letting go of the people you love if they want to leave.


2 thoughts on “Lost A Best Friend!

  1. Take it easy, create and enjoy, make and set up your life, without thinking other people. I did that for loads of years, it doesn’t worth. I had very good friends too, but when i came here i lost them, you know something, i had them back home, because of my car, my status and the advantages they had from me. Yes obviously i had a great time with all this people, but finally what matters more? Being with people because you have something or because you are something? Take it easy,good or bad shit happens, i will be honest, my best friend is my father, i know he will never come out for clubbing with me but at least i know that will be always there for me, that matters mate. Take it easy,everything will come on the time that needs to come. George M.

    • You could not have said anything better mate. I understand what you mean. My family comes first these days too and they are my friends as I know no matter what happens they are always going to be there for me. Friends come and go but your parents will be there for you if your healthy or ill. I’m just going to keep focused and do what I need to do. I see you have had similar experiences to me with people. Thank you for commenting, George your a good friend.

      Naveed. A

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