Asian Culture & University

Sunday 30th January 2011

After a good night of thinking things over about my life and the people around me I have chosen to go back to my roots. My grandmother was someone very special who survived the British Empire and Massacre of the India and Pakistan Partition. I obviously would not be here if my grandmother had not been healthy and survived all them Wars back in the early 19th century. She always said our culture was different and that we should use the herbal remedies and other herbal products because they were natural and good for any human being, grandmother knew best as she lived a hard life and used natural ingrediants for food and personal use.

I have decided to follow that lifestyle as after much thought I’m just another stranger in this country even though I was born here and I’m a British Citizen because of it. Being a British Citizen still is no benefit as I’m still someone who has tried all his life to fit into society in the UK but I feel I’m always going to be seen as someone who’s a different colour with a different culture and most of all a Muslim. Reasons why I’ve embraced my culture again and my religion as it gave me spiritual peace and future insight. Meditating is a great thing and I want that back as I don’t believe following what others do just to be liked or be their friend has helped, following and changing for different groups of people has made me forget who I am.

Back to University on Monday 31st January 2011 and preparing my books and notes to take with me tomorrow. I have promised myself that I will say ‘No’ more often as I say ‘Yes’ too often and be a fool. I will just have to work hard and keep quiet as I should have and remember to focus on my university dissertation. Need to keep things to myself more often and be willing to say ‘No’ to others. I was dedicated to my university work before but I will be working even harder now and only focusing on achieving spiritual peace morever meditating. Will certainly not leave my culture and beliefs just to fit in with others furthermore if they can’t accept who I am without me doing what they do then I am happy alone as I got Allah (God) and that is enough.

Reading Quran and Praying always helps me find inner peace and make me happy.

I can say for sure at the end of this post I may be alone but I got my culture and religion. We have come alone to this world and will die alone so no one can say they will take their friends or boyfriend/girlfriend with them, good deeds in this world and praying to show appreciation for what you have everyday to Allah (God) is what will help you after this life.

Naveed Ahmed

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