Web Explorers

Web Explorers

Monday 31st January 2011 

Below is a list of various web explorers that have some good and bad points:

Internet Explorer
This is known to be the well recognised explorer but recent versions have so many problems. The latest explorer is very slow when starting up as usual and can freeze up whenever it feels like it even if your just trying to open your Gmail account.

However the good points are that many software applications run very well with Internet Explorer and it’s easier to use this explorer when downloading a certain software. This explorer will ask you where you want to save the file to and if you would like to run it because most explorers will not.
Can run Java, PDF but its very slow and can freeze moreover will close and recover the site you were on before.

Google Chrome
This is a fast explorer but Chrome is a new explorer and will probably need time before many of the bugs are solved. Downloading and then running a file is very difficult as it will download the file to a default destination and then sometimes it will not run it from the explorer’s download list. Bookmarking and setting websites as favorites is very easy.
Benefits of this explorer are that you are only one click away from Google or Facebook if set as favorites in the Bookmarks toolbar.
Somtimes has problems running PDF, Java and freezes and has to be restarted.

Mozilla Firefox
This web explorer is probably the only one that has many of the good features from other explorers. Explorer such as this may have some problems too but it has many good points which outweighs anything negative. Downloading, running Java and good surfing speed puts this as number one even though many people will download it and not use it as often as Chrome or IE.

This is a very fast and clean explorer which makes the Windows user feel as if they are using a Mac (Apple). Downloading is good but may take a new user time to adapt, social networking websites run very well with it. Java runs very well on this explorer but PDF viewing in the explorer can be an issue sometimes. Otherwise the explorer is no different to Mozilla Firefox.

Another fast explorer with a nice feature where you can stack up your tabs in different categories in its recent version of 2011. Excellent feature this explorer has is that you can still continue looking at one or more sites that you opened few days, weeks or months ago. Restarting opera after closing it or even restarting the computer will not change the tabs or website(s) you were looking at.
Problems are that web based PDF files will not open in this explorer however there are extensions that can be downloaded to help solve that issue.

NOTE: Do be aware that according to a BBC News Article by Darren Waters search engines such as Google or Bing do anonymise user data after 18 months however they have been criticised also to build a profile around a searcher all his/her life to develop new innovations.
Below is a link to the BBC News Article from 2008:


I hope this has helped anyone who needed to know from my personal experience what probelms and benefits  some Explorers have moreover help decide what is the best explorer for them for certain situations and tasks.


Naveed Ahmed


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