Silvio Berlusconi Feels Wrath of Women

Silvio Berlusconi

I can say this is not a surprise as Silvio Berlusconi was going to have to face the wrath of all the women in Italy and possibly others worldwide sooner or later. Silvio Berlusconi is now being asked to resign by the million protestors who hit the streets of 200 towns and cities in Italy after uncovering the Prime Ministers dark secrets.

A Prime Minister who is 74 years old has been charged with abuse of power by having under age sex with a prostitute. The protestors were mostly women and their aim was to express how their dignity and the image of the country had been offended by the Prime Minister’s obsession with girls, various girls who he knew were under age at the time and were paid money. Major cities of Italy saw these protests but the largest was held in Rome.

It’s hard to believe but many demonstrators were prostitutes and nuns holding banners stating “Berlusconi resign now” while another said “No prostitutes, no Madonnas, just women.”

I am sure many women around the World are disgusted from Berlusconi’s actions as a 74 year old who is old enough to be the grandfather of those 17 year old girls he had sex with. I’m sure were all thinking how does he have the stamina at the age of 74 to be throwing parties and enjoying women strip while dressed as nurses and policewomen.

It has been suggested that Berlusconi had watched the rally on his TV but has made no comment so far.



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