Beautiful Summer & Natural Ingredients (2010)

Tandoori Chicken, Mumbai

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I love how nice our garden is in the summer. An Apple tree that has been in our back garden for 22 years and there are various vegetables my dad grows. We have spinach, peas, mint leaves, strawberries, potatoes, coriander and many other things.

We have fresh ingredients in our garden and these are used on a regular basis in our tasty dishes. When I’ve tried food at home compared to the Asian dishes that are replicated by takeaways, restaurants and supermarkets it is clear that natural ingredients and cooking skills of an Asian person can’t be replaced by ready made junk. As Gordon Ramsey says in an episode of him travelling in India, British people eat bland food with Mango chutni and don’t realise it is not reflecting Asian culture or food at all.

Budgie also enjoyed the summer outside in the garden.


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