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After an hour spending time reading about Google Analytics and Google Ads I find out that it is useless for a small blog on If you want to use Google Analytics to demonstrate certain features for an e-Marketing assignment then WordPress can not help you. To be able to upload a plugin into a blog you will have to upgrade to Basically you either have to buy a web server for a monthly/annual rate or host your own WordPress blog through its available software.

Once again this is no help to fellow student who wants to use Google Analytics features and the benefits it has for website owners. If a student is not gifted on I.T and does not have a personal made website then they will have to demonstate Google Analytics features with blank figures and diagrams.

May not be a strong demonstration but atleast you are showing how this free Google feature can benefit you or a business.

Hope this helps but for more information Google ‘ vs’. This will help you understand the differences between them and which is best suited for your needs.


2 thoughts on “No Google Analytics

  1. Yes, I discovered that too, much to my dismay. Google Analytics is 100% useless for blogs.

    As you’ve probably discovered, most everything on the internet that refers to WordPress refers to blogs, not blogs. I have a master’s degree from Stanford University in Industrial Engineering (but I am not gifted in Information Technology), and it STILL took me awhile to figure that out. It is indeed very irritating, because I am now a childless widow with no father or brother, so I cannot afford to register a domain, have it hosted, buy a real or “virtual” web server and thus install I am in the same situation just like your friend. I even have the same theme for my blog (gooplex dot wordpress dot com I am not trying to spam your comments with advertising).

    A suggestion, if you or your friend want to use Google Analytics for a learning experience, as I did: Use Blogger, not WordPress. You can install Google Analytics and Google AdSense and Amazon very easily on Blogger. You can edit your theme and so forth too, which is not possible on WordPress without paying money for a CSS upgrade. Blogger is free. Also, Tumblr and Posterous allow you to install Google Analytics quite easily, but Blogger offers more features and is easier to work with than Tumblr for a novice like me.

    By the way, you can install Google Analytics and Yahoo! tracking and Bing tracking on a blog. I don’t think they work all that well, but there is a place in the dashboard, one of the menus that allows you to insert a single line meta-tag, e.g. the UA-xxxxxxx tag from Google Analytics. But no AdSense. And nothing besides that single line.

    Also, does not allow JavaScript, only HTML, so you’ll find other limitations with a blog that do not exist for any of those other platforms. Unfortunately, WordPress blogs seem to have a lot of status, and every one wants one of them.

    It was very disappointing when I discovered this, and the fact that it was so rarely mentioned anywhere on the internet, because there must be nearly as many WordPress plug-in’s as mobile phone app’s, yet I can’t use any of them without I wish I knew that ahead of time! I am very sympathetic. Best of luck to you.

    Your blog looks very good!


    P.S. If I am wrong about any of this, I would be very happy to be corrected, as my pride is far less a priority than my irritation with blogging!

    • Thank you very much for the comment you left. That is very good advice. I have Blogger but just never thought about it. Yes you are right about JavaScript, never mentioned it in my blog. It is very nice to talk with someone who is as educated as you. I am very impressed.
      Thank you again for enjoying my blog. There is not a lot of posts on my blogs that are in-depth but I do give some advice on certain web explorers and Apple products. Hope you enjoyed my blog.
      I usually blog now with my WordPress app on iPhone. You are correct and if I find out anything new which can improve our blogging then I will inform you as soon as possible.
      I will have more time to blog about everything that I am interested in once I have finished third year at university. Done my dissertation so I feel great.


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