Sega is Latest Target by Hackers

Sega (Computer Game Organisation)

The year of 2011 has been a year of warning for computer game organisations. Security of many large computer game organisations has been severely questioned when hackers gained access to vital clientele information. Information accessed varied from one organisation to another, listed below are what the hackers accessed:

  • Usernames
  • Email Addresses
  • Dates of Birth
  • Passwords
  • Logins
  • Security Questions
  • Credit Card/Debit Card Details
  • Clientele Addresses
  • Clientele Names
  • Other Information

A large organisation such as Sony could not prevent the hackers from stealing the data of 77 million people with accounts on its PlayStation Network (PSN). Even in the present we are unsure how reliable and consistent PlayStation Networks (PSN) security is from potential hackers in the future.

Sega is another large computer game organisation that has been targeted by hackers. Many of its users have received emails to inform them of their potential data being accessed by the hackers. Like many others I have also received an email from Sega just as I did when Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) was hacked. This organisation has become the latest giant to fall prey to hackers and it is their Sega Pass system that has been the victim.

Similar to the PlayStation Networks (PSN) shutdown Sega have also taken the Sega Pass system offline to prevent any further clientele data being stolen by the hackers. Sega on Thursday 16th June 2011 reset passwords of all users, Sega have also informed its users’ to stay alert for suspicious emails asking for personal information. Sega Pass users however may feel this is a security issue that the company should be responsible for and not a job for its users.

In 2011 there have been a wave of attacks from hackers and one certain hacking group has denied any involvement on attacking Sony or Sega. These large corporations were not alone in having data stolen as Codemasters were another victim to the latest cyber-attacks of 2011. Sony and Sega have ensured its users that they are still carrying out investigations into these cyber-attacks and that their updated security system will prevent any future hacking.

The security of many computer game organisations has been updated as a caution to the recent cyber-attacks. These attacks have put large and small companies on high alert and it remains to be seen if there is enough security for future online gaming. Cyber-attacks have made various organisations aware that their security was not effective and this maybe a warning to those companies to invest in the security of online gaming networks and its users.

For more information on cyber-attacks regarding Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) and Sega Pass please visit the following links:


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