Facebook vs Google

Facebook vs Google

Google+ has attracted a lot of attention in it’s beta testing phase, 10million+ internet users have registered to the new social network. Basically Facebook thinks the new video chat feature will give the social network a competitive edge over Google+. This quick release from Facebook seems like a desperate attempt to attract and retain users, Facebook have become partners with Skype to help integrate a smooth video chat feature for it’s users.

Google in the other hand can be seen as the Mount Everest of  the World Wide Web furthermore Google has been providing a service long before Facebook arrived. Google now provides a variety of services to it’s users, services that ensure an effective and efficient day. For example Gmail, Calender and Documents are services provided to it’s users for free and help make life easy. These services are also integrated into modern devices such as mobiles, iPods and tablets to ensure life is easy while on the go.

Many mobile users may be seen using Facebook from afar away while waiting for a train but infact many users are using Google or Twitter for live information. Facebook only provides latest information on the friends you have added or the pages you ‘Like’, information is limited in this social network if you do not have many ‘Friends’ or pages that you ‘Like’.

Google has integrated its services very effectively and any Google+ user can then be a click away from GMail or the Google Search Engine. Facebook adding the video chat feature does not help the social network compete with Google+ because it has no email service or search engine. Facebook users instead have to leave their page and visit a search engine if they are to attain new informtion. Google+ has great potential and can encourage Facebook users to make the ‘Switch’, Google+ and Facebook is a battle which will only be won by developing smoother integration between search engines and social networks, Google+ is an example of “social engine networking“.


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