Are you bored of Football Manager?

Football Manager 2011

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The time has come for another installment of Football Manager in the year of 2011. Football Manager has been unique and mind-blowing with its interface and 3D game engine in recent years. This game however needs something special and unique to keep many of its loyal fans addicted and wanting more every time they start-up the game.

I know there are many Football Manager gamers on community forums who have expressed what new features can be added to improve the game. Personally I feel the life of the manager in the game lacks a lot and does not make the user feel as if you are in control of the club or their own affairs. There are other games that incorporate an interface which allows its users to personally expand their stadium, choose sponsors and buy certain items as managers. There are many more options that I could talk about but I am going to keep my suggestions short and clear.

Listed below are some features that can be added or improved to enhance the user experience without losing the core structure of the game:

1. Tactics – The tactics should allow users to see where the player will run to if the team is attacking with the ball. In many cases the pull and drag arrows that the game had before should be brought back. There should be some sort of statistics to show the user if your playmaker and target man has been successful in that particular role, e.g. was the playmaker making enough passes to create opportunities for the team in-front? The tactics pitch screen can have an option to show lines with a certain colour and intensity to present number of passes or where the target man was getting the ball from.

2. Scouting – System needs to be improved by giving users the option to build academies in certain countries to attract younger players and keep intact the knowledge that you usually lose in Football Manager 2010.

3. Transfers – Transfer interface needs to improve to make it feel more exciting and attractive compared as it looks boring.

4. Pre-Match & Post-Match Interviews – It gets really boring and annoying because it is the same every time and if you don’t take part in it you sometimes miss out on improving team morale.

5. There should be a new feature where the manager can talk about any positive or negative actions of players within the club. Also the manager should be able to do certain things to either improve his/her reputation, for e.g. date a celebrity, attend certain TV interviews or magazine companies to improve club reputation and your own. Maybe the TV interview should be a 3D engine of yourself.

I have been a Football Manager gamer since 2002 and I played my first game known as Championship Manager 3. That game is still exciting with the flashing text when a player scored and the anticipation made you even more excited when they passed the ball. I hope this post is seen and considered among other suggestions from Football Manager community fans.


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