You are not born a Muslim, You have to earn it from Practice!

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Muslims and other people who are not Muslims are so careless, dirty, corrupt, ignorant that they have truly forgotten their roots! Allah (SWT) will be washing away all this dirt soon because Muslims do not follow anything the Quran and Prophets told us.

Everyone is of some advantage and then of no value afterwards. For e.g. Eid used to be about being with your Family and being happy with how much they have, now it’s about buying so many Eid clothes and showing them off. If girls or boys do not get a lot of money or clothes then they be angry at their parents and commit sin by making them feel down for not getting them what they want. Fair enough children do not understand when they are young and are not aware of Islam fully but adults or even teenagers should be educated enough by parents and from self-studying that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) at times did not even have enough money to buy his children new clothes for Eid. It is not essential to spend so much on Eid and not consider what Our Prophet had to endure so us Muslims could today have a better life in this World.

Don’t get me started on the typical modern Muslim weddings when Allah (SWT) has told us it is forbidden to dance about like idiots or women wearing clothes that show their shoulders, spine and even stomach these days.  In today’s World there is the traditional Mehndi which in the old days people would apply some Mehndi on the bride or groom and just have a celebration with family and friends gathered around without any dancing or any other sins. I myself do not agree with any of the dancing at the Mehndi or Wedding and will not allow that when my time comes. Pakistani, Bengali and other Muslim people have forgotten their roots just by simply being a modern British Muslim. When our great grandparents had to suffer the partition or British Empire they did not think it was essential for all this and the most they would give their son or daughter for their wedding were clothes, appliances, dishes and other things that would help them in life rather than a big party with cash being thrown arround.

I personally get very angry at those occasions because I have an understanding of how they suffered when my grandmother told me some Pakistani mothers children were killed and their heads stuck on pike. My grandmother told me it was horrible and they left their home behind in India and had nothing to eat on the way to Pakistan‘s Punjab region. She also lost her own father on the way because the water in the wells was poisoned along the way.

It makes me angry because many of our Muslims do not appreciate and live by the way of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and of the way Allah (SWT) told us to. This all can be found in the Quran and the life of our Prophet but still people choose to ignore it and become very western in their approach to life. Everyone makes mistakes and we can not fully live up to the Prophet but we can try by educating ourselves and not choosing to ignore it.

Many of the modern Muslims find it a burden to live with their parents or even have to look after them when they are old. In fact as Muslims we should be looking after our parents and not moving away from them just so we can do what we want or live with our partner, some Muslims still live with their parents with their partner and they both look after them. Prophet and Allah (SWT) have told us if we want to enter the gates of heaven then we must earn it because the two gates to Heaven are the Father and Mother. In most cases what goes around comes back around, meaning if you don’t consider your parents feelings and take care of them when they are old and fulfil your duty as a Muslim or son/daughter then your kids will do exactly the same to you. You only realise what you have done wrong when you experience it yourself and by then it’s too late and your parents are not alive for you to ask forgiveness from them.

I have educated myself with my religion very well and keep on that path by practicing it. I will write much more about what we should be doing as children, teens, adults and parents. Allah (SWT) and Prophet (PBUH) have given us a clear guideline and I will be writing some aspects of what we as Muslims should do. This can be marriage, wedding, Eid, funeral and many other activities in our lives.


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