Trouble at RIM and Sony

Lately you may have noticed that the world of technology is going through a phase of advancement and major security issues. RIM (Research in Motion) has been standing tall with its BlackBerry mobile devices because of the pricing strategy they have used to compete with in the mobile market. One of the major features that it is recognised for is it’s free BlackBerry Messenger service and this is one service that attracts the many loyal fans around the world and especially in the UK. With the money they have spent marketing the new BlackBerry mobile devices we thought they were going to be a success because of the new Apple iPhone being a 4S with no new design and minor tweaks.

In recent days however the image of BlackBerry has been damaged and the budget they spent on marketing will be a waste and ineffective. The target market will think twice before they consider purchasing a BlackBerry.

Twitter and Facebook users went crazy and expressed how they felt about the service going down. Many users expressed that people who bought a BlackBerry should have known better. Basically you can’t rely on a free messaging service on a mobile because it can go down anytime and it should not be the primary tool of communicating. For example you would not use Facebook if you need a taxi to come and pick you up, users need to understand that if they are relying on having a mobile device to communicate then they need it to be reliable by having texts or credit available whenever needed.

RIM (Research in Motion) is not the only major tech organisation to have its corporate image damaged after spending millions on marketing. Sony as you remember had security issues when its PlayStation 3 accounts were hacked, leaving the company to think if their accounts were secure enough in the first place. Sony however has been breached again and has locked accounts to safeguard them. Many of the users of those accounts will not be very happy as this is the second time it has been breached in the space of 12 months.

Sony is in a very bad situation as it has always represented itself as being a safe and reliable company that provides high-end products that can satisfy its customers for many years. Sony must be thinking how they can get out of these troubles and reinforce their corporate image in the market for recently admitting Sony Bravia has issues. Many have stated Sony wants to recall the Televisions but Sony has dismissed these reports when in fact they are initiating a free inspection programme for all TVs that could have faulty components. Clearly Sony is trying to save its brand from being damaged any further moreover it is clear that not all major corporations are safe from security, technical and brand issues.


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