Why Android Needs To Improve

Now that the Apple iPhone 4S has been released there are going to be many mobile phones being pushed into the market just to fill it up. Now this market is already full of competitors and any new organisation will find it very difficult to enter because of the many barriers they face, for example innovation and decades of knowledge that Apple and other brands have.

Android Operating System has become very popular and a major threat to Apple because of the cheap mobile prices in the market compared to Apples iPhone. However you can differenciate the classic strategies which have been used for decades, Apple differentiate themselves with innovation and quality therefore Apple price their products higher and consumers are prepared to pay for it. Android on the other hand can not provide the whole package in a certain mobile in the present but there have been mobiles where certain features have surpassed Apple iPhones features. If Android were to create a total package; which was not slow, have a bad design or screen quality then they would be better as an overall product and have more of the market share.

Windows is another OS which has redeveloped itself for all of their products such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Windows is going to be a major threat in the near future just as it was before Apple rose to the top after years of Microsoft dominating consumer interest. Windows have what Android does not have, a foundation to launch its products with. The computers, tablets, mobiles and video gaming consoles make the organisation a major interest because they are all interconnected and in the present day people prefer convenience for surfing the web, capturing photos/videos, using apps, listening to music and watching movies through various devices.

If Android were to make the syncing of its products more user friendly and add features which can recommend media and give you access to the Android market on your computer through Android software then they would surely be effective in the market. I personally have bought a HTC with an Android OS and it was not very user friendly and there was always the problems of certain apps or background software using all my battery. Recently Apple iPones 4S has had this problem but not every owner has experienced any problem, ‘Locations’ is one setting you need to turn off if the battery is not lasting.

Microsoft and Android will get closer to Apple in a few years time but with the innovative culture that Apple has will always find a way to amaze the World and attract attention in any market. Apple has a bright future even after Steve Jobs, he gave them a foundation to create more innovative products/services. iPods, iMacs, iPhones and iPads seems like just the beginning for this company and the World because it keeps changing consumer behaviour and forcing technology to make big leaps, good for mankind in general if you think about it. Apple has already made plans to change how we behave again by submitting patents that show Apple’s Smart Bike, Invisible controls on Apple products, Heartbeat sensor on iPhones and a Shape-Shifting Interface. Apple basically has a foundation left by them by a great innovator to enter new markets with more innovative products that can make life easy for humans.


3 thoughts on “Why Android Needs To Improve

  1. How do you feel about Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich? With Android 4.0, Google plans to unify their ecosystem with one OS instead of splitting it by tablets and smartphones. Also with 4.0 they are putting a great deal of time into the UX and if you’ve seen the demos of the Galaxy Nexus, the new Android 4.0 looks pretty slick.

    • I think its a great improvement from Androids previous OS. However I am sure many do feel that there was a user friendly platform similar to iTunes when an Android user wanted to sync music, photos, videos and apps. Google I’ve blogged about before and how powerful they are against Facebook and how great they can become in the mobile market. I have seen the Galaxy Nexus and many have stated the design on the back does not look nice but apart from the design it looks comfortable to hold. However when on the move the Android OS is not very good when you are trying to text, email, tweet or facebook someone. For example you will try typing in to give a quick response but it won’t suggest a word like any Apple handheld product will. Buying a HTC Desire was the biggest mistake because of the low internal memory to download numerous apps further more the typing interface made you more stressed when texting a friend while walking to a bus stop.
      Thank you for the comment.

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