Visiting Scotland and the Loch Ness Lake

Loch Ness

Image by lorentey via Flickr

A few years ago I visited Scotland and even though some people say the travel their is dull because of the mountains and hills I would say that the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Inverness is one of the nicest places you can visit, Loch Ness is one place you really want to go because of the ancient myth, Loch Ness Monster. The area is also very relaxing and you feel as if you have arrived at a place with no arguments and general noise.

Loch Ness lake is also a good experience if you try the water with your bare hands, everyone who visits has a drink of the water. The water in the lake is so fresh and clean that it makes water in places like Newcastle taste like crap, water in the Loch Ness is natural and comes directly from the high hills around it. If you tasted the water you would feel a nice sweet taste to it and a refreshing smell which you won’t get out of a tap in places like Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham or London.

When you think about it water in places like Newcastle have so much crap in it from all the filtering with chemicals as for the Loch Ness lake has no chemicals. It was a scary experience at times when in Scotland because sometimes you don’t understand what they say from the fast and loud talking. For instance I went to a restroom in one of the restaurants and I was scared when some young men came in and when they talked it seemed as if they were violent people because they talked very loud.

One more point I want to make is that I saw no Loch Ness Monster while in Inverness. I do like the fact that the lake is famous because of a myth and I’m happy that people are attracted to that lake because they get to experience a different life to city life.


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