Review of The Gate

An entertainment complex which was built 9 years ago on 28 November 2002 to meet the needs of the entertainment lovers in Newcastle. Before this complex was built you would have to walk some distance to go to a cinema and then find a restaurant right after it and then a club or bar.

This complex made everything convenient and integrated all aspects of a day/night out for friends, groups and families. The Gate has 19 venues spread across the three floors and a 12 screen cinema ‘Empire Cinema‘ and Aspers Casino. The venue costed £80 million and provided 400 new jobs to the regions population moreover The Gate is next to Newcastle’s Chinatown.

Now to reviewing The Gate. This place is full of life anytime of the day and you will usually see families going to this complex for the cinema and numerous restaurants. Restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Nandos and Frankie and Bennys are very popular with most families, work colleagues, young and adult group of friends.

At night this complex is a different place. The lights turn on and there is a sense of excitment which encourages you to stay their and go to every venue. Most of the excitment is based on Newcastle’s nightlife as it is usally the meeting/starting point for anyone who is getting together with friends for a whole night of fun. Now from choosing The Gate as a meeting place during the day when going for dinner or a night out I have much experience and many opinions I would like to share. I will be hoping this gives you a clear picture of what The Gate is like and how many people in Newcastle love it for its architectural design and experience of course.

Now as stated before it is seen as a family place during the day and anyone who behaves inappropriatley is usually warned or banned from the complex. The security is not as strict when it comes to the nightlife because many families don’t go to the complex at night but somtimes they do for the cinema and food. This does not stop the night for others because the music will be heard from the bars/clubs down below when you are upstairs in the toilets or at a restaurant.

You will also know when the night has started when lots of men and women start appearing with friends and have the usual clothes on to go clubbing. Now I know women like to look good of course when out partying but some of the younger adults will hardly be wearing anything, e.g. very short skirts and a small tops. Now I do not have a problem with that because I’m only interested in having a good time at The Gate but because of the numerous venues to meet all demograhic groups there are older people at The Gate. Most of the old men and even women will be attracted to the younger generation (18+) when they are shining with confidence and beauty, less clothes on the girls especially attracts the wrong kind of attention and a lot of old men making comments and saying “she’s fit”. Typical geordies is what you think but then again Newcastle wouldn’t be the same.

Now you can’t stop certain age groups from going to the complex but many of the younger generation like myself goes to the venues with our own age groups and feel a bit more safe. Someone like me has also been the target of a older women in her 30s – 40s when at a venue because I assume she was looking for younger men to have fun with.

The Gate for me is also in a convenient place because the New Eldon Square section has been built and is just next door to it and a walk across the road is needed if you want to go shopping or for a coffee in Starbucks. Other nightlife venues are in close proximity and is in my opinion a walk down to Quayside in some way because some venues can be visited as you walk down towards the central station and then past it where the famous ‘diamond stip’ is.

Hope this review has been helpful in giving you an idea of what The Gate is like furthermore make sure you visit the complex 2-3 times for a wonderful experience if you have not been. Also below is a link directly to The Gate.

Click The Gate in red below or copy url:

The Gate – –


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