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Image via CrunchBase

Just last week Twitter decided to change its web layout. I do not mean layout as in the whole web page but the information that you could view from options such as Mentions and Retweets. The retweets option to view anyone who had retweeted any of your tweets was replaced with Activity where you could find out who your followers have started following recently. The mentions option had then the retweets list integrated into it which made it a little difficult to read instantly who had retweeted your tweets and who has mentioned you.

The changes were reverted just about Sunday/Monday and now everyone has the normal 2011 Twitter back on their screens. This seemed like a trial from Twitter to see if there were any bugs in this new integration which they may roll out. However it maybe possible that they decided it was not integrated properly and confused Twitter users when trying to see mentions and retweets quickly.


Since posting this Twitter has again changed its options to ‘Mentions’ and ‘Activity’. What are they upto now? Users must be feeling confused when Twitter keeps going back and forth. Must be serious tweaks they are trying to make from experimenting it on the Twitter users first.


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