Why you should consider using Twitter more than Facebook?

The photoshopping is not perfect but it gives you a rough idea. It may not cover every point so I’m hoping I don’t get criticised for missing anything out.

Why Twitter - Part 1

Why Twitter - Part 2


2 thoughts on “Why you should consider using Twitter more than Facebook?

  1. actually i do not find twitter so interesting, i think its probably because twitter is enjoyed mostly by people who use blackberry.. But then again Facebook is kind of becoming boring as well now.. Great post though.. 😀

    • It does depend from one person to another. I like it because you can add many local people without the hassle of explaining who you are and etc, compared to Facebook. I’m an iPhone user and many others who tweet are using iPhones too. Usually displayed on the tweets I think. I think the great thing is that you tweet and can relate to many people local, nationwide and worldwide even if they are not on your list. Facebook on the other hand does not even though it has the public privacy option when writing a status. For e.g. when the London Riots were on then a lot of people were talking about it and you could relate to it or read what people were saying by clicking on the trend or hashtag.
      Thank You for reading my post and enjoying it.

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