Being A “NICE GUY”: Formula For Disaster – Part 1

There are going to be a series of posts this week which are split into ‘Parts’.

I would like to point out that these are not my opinions and as my blog states these are opinions that are expressed and shared to be understood.


One of the primary behaviours that an un-brainwashed man exhibits is a focus on achieving tangible goals, with great aggressiveness.

Nothing stands in his way. He isn’t a nice guy.

This doesn’t necessarily mean he is a jerk.

Understanding this concept is a crucial component of the de-brainwashing process and fundamental to the recapturing of your masculinity.

Simply put, women are REPELLED by “nice guys”.

When I say repelled, it MEAN it. I am NOT exaggerating.

It’s kind of a sad fact of life, but it’s ONE HUNDRED PERCENT TRUE.

Women equate “nice-ness” with INFERIORITY.

Women are attracted to masculinity, which embodies strength and power. Being NICE is synonymous with HAVING NO POWER.

When you are nice, you send the message “I have no power” to a woman. Which means, to her, that you are giving all the power away, to her!

A “nice” example of a horrifying self-inflicted wound is when a man tells a woman he hardly knows that he loves her. This is NOT attractive, for she feels she has the power over such a man.

Women cannot feel attraction for men who need them, or for any man who exudes weakness in any form. “Niceness” is basically a kamikaze act, a suicide to your future with her.

Nice guys have another BIG problem: Competition from “Bad Guys”.

“Bad Guys” know a great deal about how to be in this savage, ruthless, and competitive world, which includes the world of women.

I’m not saying women are savage, but because women must carry a baby for nine months, women are FAR MORE RUTHLESS than men in their selection of sexual mates. It boils down to survival and to evolution.

“Bad Guys” often appeal to women on a visceral level that only evolution can logically explain: “Survival of the fittest” = female attraction to tough, ruthless men.

Most men these days, especially “nice guys” don’t know why women seem to only desire “bad guys”.

Nice guys really believe that it is an exception each time they see a woman with a jerk, even if they see it a thousand times.

Nice guys believe that women MUST like nice guys because it seems to make sense that women SHOULD like nice guys.

I really believe that if men knew for a fact that women did NOT like nice guys, then they would stop shooting themselves in the foot each time they met a woman.

Well, it is a fact. Women don’t like nice guys. Women don’t usually like abuse, and I’ll show you how to be successful without being a real jerk, but get this through your head one more time:

Women don’t only “not like” nice guys…

Women are REVOLTED by them.

Let me explain to you a little more why women detest nice guys. Being overly nice is NOT natural. It inhibits and hides your instinctive sexuality and masculinity. The problem is that being nice SEEMS to us to be natural, because we have been SO DAMN BRAINWASHED into it. And it really feels bad at first, knowing that you simply CANNOT be nice to a woman you desire.

It actually feels UNNATURAL at first.

But I assure you, it is good and natural to be more “bad” with women.

Being “nice” makes women feel guilty and inhibited about sharing their “sinful” sexuality with a “nice” asexual guy like you. “Nice” is fake. Masculine is real. Masculine is sexy. Being nice is weak. It ensures you pander to women, in the hope maybe they will give you sex. It is repulsive.

Ironically, “nice guys” wonder as they complain, “I don’t know what happened. I was so NICE to her, I treated her so WELL. I was everything for her. I took her places, I bought her things, I LOVED her. I told her I loved her a thousand times. I never looked at other girls,” etc. Yet it was actually this “niceness” itself that ruined everything!

“Bad Guys” used to be the only ones who knew this. They snickered to themselves as they watched nice guys get shot down by hot women who were bored to death of compliments and ass kissing. These women had no reservations about rejecting the nice guy for a bad guy and having sex with the bad guy on the very first night.

And of course, these women complained about the “jerk” that dumped them for another woman the very next day. And the “jerks” laughed even harder at this, because they knew she wouldn’t change a bit, and that she would fall for another jerk, again and again.

Well, no more.

This post is going to really stick it to the “Bad Guys” by teaching good guys every damn little secret that bad guys already know. And you won’t even have to be a jerk. Think of it as my contribution for world justice.


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