I would like to point out that these are not my opinions and as my blog states these are opinions that are expressed and shared to be understood.


There is another reason why being “nice” is such a calamity, and why being the dominant, alpha male, known as THE MAN, is so crucial. Not only are women attracted to the sexy masculinity of THE MAN, but women are forced to be suspicious of whatever good feelings they can muster for a “nice” guy.

Sounds crazy? Not really. Here’s why: “Nice guys” unknowingly install resistance in women by being so good. When a guy is “NICE” to a woman, then even in the rare case where she may feel desire for him, she will interpret her desire as NOT BEING DESIRE. Rather, she will interpret her feeling as “debt”, or “guilt”.

She will think she is only feeling emotion because she owes the guy, or that she feels sorry for him. In other words, she will be convinced that she feels no real DESIRE.

Whereas, if a guy is a typical jerk, she thinks the guy’s very “jerkiness” is the proof of his sexiness.

After all, the jerk doesn’t even TRY to impress her, so he must be so sexy that he doesn’t need to try! She then feels no guilt, no debt, and no pity. And if she feels ANYTHING, then whatever she feels will be interpreted as RAW, UNADULTERATED, PURE DESIRE.

And the more he acts like a jerk, the more he reinforces her desire, through the following never-ending cycle of “chick” logic: She becomes convinced her desire is pure, that it is her who loves jerko, because it surely isn’t jerko who needs her! And if jerko is so “un-needy” that he can actually continue to be such a jerk, it must be because he is so desirable that he can get away with it.

This makes her desire for him even greater, and as she shows him this desire, he (as a jerk) makes sure to NEVER reciprocate, which makes him seem even sexier because most guys would kiss her ass at this point. She, of course, then desires him even more, and so on and so forth…

Do you get it? If not, read it again, it’s crucial. This phenomenon is known as Cognitive Dissonance, first expounded by professor of psychology Leon Festinger in 1957. What it means is that humans seek inner harmony, also known as CONGRUENCY. We don’t want resistance and conflicting ideas in our head. It doesn’t feel good. So we explain our behaviours and feelings so they seem congruent.

Cognitive Dissonance is very powerful stuff. A woman simply will not feel DESIRE for a man if she has reason to think it’s actually a feeling of debt or guilt.

On the other hand, if a man does not give a woman any reason to suspect her own desire, she will trust her feelings and believe it is desire. In order to ensure that a woman does not question her own feelings, and does not doubt your sexiness and desirability, you must NOT buy her things, do her favours, kiss her ass with compliments, or be submissive in any way. As a matter of fact, always make it clear to a woman that you do

EVERYTHING on YOUR terms, not hers. For example, even if she asks you to kiss her, make sure you don’t. Don’t start an argument either. Rather, keep cool, sly, and in control by telling her something like “I’m not done hugging you”. After hugging her, you can choose to kiss her or not.

The point is that EVERYTHING is under YOUR will and power. If you stay clear of all forms of kissing up, then she will be forced to know that it is HERSELF who has come up with these feelings of lust for you. You must apply this concept all the time with women, forever. Even smiling too much can be a sign of you seeking her approval. Don’t do it.

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