I would like to point out that these are not my opinions and as my blog states these are opinions that are expressed and shared to be understood.

You must ABSOLUTELY ABANDON the idea that you should make women feel “equal”. Women don’t want to be equal with you, and, logically, they are even more repulsed by the idea of you making them “number one”. I know this is all contrary to popular belief, but remember, it was popular beliefs that screwed up most guys in the first place.


Women desperately want a man who is SUPERIOR to them. Men and women are NOT the same. Nor should they be. Nor do they want to be. Trying to make a woman feel “equal” to you will only make her feel that you are therefore an INFERIOR male.

Does a superior kiss the ass of an inferior? Does a king bow down to his servant?


I’m not saying women want to be your slave, but they DESPISE the idea of being equal. If you show a woman “equal-ness”, she will feel ZERO sexual desire for you. You will be going right against nature and destroying any attraction she can feel for you.



Over a million years, women evolved to NOT feel attraction for weakness. And, just as men are ruthless in their desire for a sexy looking woman, women are just as ruthless in desire for a man who is DOMINANT with her and with everyone in his life.


You must wield all the cards in the game; your deck has to be stacked.


Her HAPPINESS is the privilege of having you.

Her MISERY stems from NOT having you.

How do you make this clear?


First, be THE MAN always. And then, at the first sign of misbehaviour, DROP her. Make it clear, without anger, that you mean it. If you have been THE MAN all along, she will seriously regret what she has done. More importantly, the cause of that regret is the loss of YOU.

Then, when she comes back crying, KISS HER. This will RAISE her spirits tremendously and totally throw her off balance. And you will have clearly given her the lesson and the feeling that both heaven and hell are in your hands alone.

Does that sound cruel?

Well, the alternative is to become a doormat by not being in total control. Women LOVE to turn guys into doormats if ANY opportunity for it exists.

By the same token, women WORSHIP a man who IS in control. They CRAVE such a man, just as a man craves a hot looking woman. As a matter of fact, women are more ruthless in their quest for a dominant man than men are in their quest for a sexy looking woman, because a man typically can have sex with many women, and yet not invest much.

But a woman, by sheer biology and the dynamics of pregnancy, is investing much more in sex than any man, and therefore must be more ruthless in her search for the “right” partner. And the “right partner” for a woman has always meant a MAN, in CONTROL of everything.

It’s a fact, and better you hear it now than never. I once thought women did like “nice” guys. After all, I thought, “God could never have created a world in which those lovely fair creatures called women could actually sexually desire bad guys”.

Well, they don’t like abuse, but they do like “bad guys”.


2 thoughts on “WOMEN HATE “EQUALITY” GUYS – Part 6

  1. wooowww!! you are more than so very wrong about your topic, we as women, do like to have a powerful and manly man, but not an extremely dominant, jerk of a man. The truth is that we do like bad boys, but not super jerks, and the traits that you have written seem awfully false about what we women deem as a dominant man.. And we also hate it when a guy ” drops us” as you say, mostly because we do not like being threatened with the guy leaving us, we will most probably leave him for doing that, or we will do something bad just to see if he is for real… :-).. great post though..

    • haha this is not my work. All the other posts about my dreams, life, university, tech and etc are written by me but all these posts with ‘parts’ are the work of Michael W. (Secrets to Success with Women).

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