EU Recession is Causing UK Depression

What makes me really angry after watching the Panaroma: How to survive a meltdown is that Britian was such a great nation before we started providing low quality products in the manufacturing industry. We have caused the economy to be so un-balanced that it could take decades to implement a strategy and a loss of several potential generations who suffer it with no jobs and etc.

We have made ourselves dependent on businesses that are now all about providing services to our nation. We have sold organisations that were created in Britain in the early 19th Century and now I can’t but feel the population of hard workers who worked at car factories, coal mines and steel factories did it for nothing. We as a nation were so proud and powerful that we didn’t pay attention to little details, lost car manufacturing power because we started paying less attention to quality. We had some organisations that made us proud but we sold them off too, for example Cadburys, Mini and more.

We had hard workers back when we were number one in the industry revolution. We had people with heart and skills but most important we created products/services with the highest quality. One example of a company that is doing that now is JCB which is known worlwide and provides many of its machines to the East.

Now if we are to be that proud nation that can have people employed then we need to learn vital skills in the manufacturing industry and if we are to provide services or products we need to aim them at the East. The East has middle class population that is doing very well and we need to market our products and services to them and bring this economy  back to normal. It is easy enough to say anyone who has the passion can set up a business and be that hero to save the country but there is politics involved. Unless the goverment implements policies and encourages this type of strategy to export our services and products then there is not much we can do.

We need to pull together and be heroes as one and not as individuals.

We need to be strong and never give up just like when we were in WW2 against Germany.

Never give up hope!


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