The Future of Marketing

There are many blogs, articles and professionals out there that may have already stated what the marketing environment will be for businesses and consumers in the near future. This post however will be more realistic and identify the marketing environment in the next 10 years.

The marketing environment is changing everyday and has been since humans started buying and selling. The environment growed gradually but at a steady pace with new strategies and existing material being used more effectively and efficiently but with the online generation it is a very different story now.

The world of business and technolgy combined is like a fast train with so much momentum that it would be very difficult to stop or slow the speed of progression. The  internet was once considered by businesses to be a online company profile, companies that could afford it. However since the introduction of online buying and selling (e.g. eBay & Amazon) things have never been the same because consumers have realised the benefits of using the internet for buying. The internet to consumers is now a friend because you can find reviews, prices, locations and much more.

The marketing environment has had a massive impact from social networking, users/audience that could not be reached before can now be targeted by small, medium or large organisations. The marketing environment has experienced the development of new strategies. Large organisations have lead on and broke the boundries by integrating marketing strategies online and offline, e.g. BMW car advert will be shown on TV but the organisation will have developed a marketing strategy to have integrated an online presence. Organisations in the modern world have integrated their offline and online marketing campaigns to provide more information to their target audience, iPhone adverts on TV will be limited with their information but online a user can be informed and persuaded to buy with just a click.

Social networking is also playing a big part in the offline and online marketing presence because users can simply type different brands into Twitter or Facebook and start following them. Marketeers realised social networks was a great idea to collect information on new and existing brand followers and with research and analysis create a product, service or marketing campaign tailored to someones needs.

Back to the title of the post, “The Future of Marketing” is indicating to be in handheld devices because they are used by humans while mobile. Handheld devices are being targeted in the present by marketeers to build brand image through apps, podcasts, tablet magazines/newspapers and adverts. It is hard to deny that more and more people will be using handheld devices in the future to search, buy and sell. Products such as laptops and personal computers may not exist in the future because of their size. Marketeers maybe learning new techniques with the help of recent technology but the principles of marketing will always be the same.

Marketing will always be an environment which changes at a constant pace whether its slow or fast. This profession will always see successful accomplishments from brands and marketeers who are one step ahead in the market to others. Marketing in the handheld devices will never be forever because when businesses, technologies and markets evolve the whole system changes and new methods have to be considered to integrate with all the changes. New technology may involve marketing campaigns that can identify the personality (likes & dislikes) of an individual and present ads through a eye contact lens.

As individuals who are passionate about marketing we can only learn and improve our skills to be as effictive and efficient as possible. We strive forward with a creative excited mind that not many would understand but we make it possible for organisations to break boundries by marketing through research of the environment, e.g. target audience, competitors, politics & etc.


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