Twitter is Honest and Direct

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Social Networking has changed the World and we understand that very well in 2011. Twitter was something which was not used by celeberities a few years ago but now they use it for many reasons, example industry exposure, reflection of their personality and etc.

Twitter has helped raise awareness for anything out there in this world or outside it. Trends on Twitter causes users to Tweet or Retweet worldwide and this helps others to be informed live. Media was the source for all the information when celeberity relationships were formed or broken but now Twitter is a place where the World can find out the latest news before it appears on any magazine, newspaper or even television. Twitter can even now be considered a social network which can damage relationships, example employee and employer, boyfriend/husband and girlfriend/wife and many other.

A social media tool for many who use Twitter and can even be used to achieve any goals you may have set. For example if you want to win a TV award you can tweet to your followers to vote with constant tweeting. It is how you use Twitter that creates your online perception and many people try to attract a lot of public attention, desperate is the word some people may suggest.

In the modern Twitterverse we usually see celeberities tweeting and craving for the publics attention. This has helped average people view the lives of celeberities and find out they are also normal human beings and they make mistakes as well. Many celeberities have made mistakes by tweeting something offensive or uploading a photo by mistake to all their followers.

There is much more to happen with Twitter in the centre of it and we can not wait for it.


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