Social Networking Sites Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are not something new because we have seen Sony, Sega and many others get hacked. Sony is a large coperation recognised throughout the world and even they experienced cyber attacks on their PSN (Playstation Network) for the Playstation 3. What is even more amazing and shocking to hear is that they experienced more than one attack and lost total control of the user information they had obtained. Many users details were out in the open and the only thing the Sony public relations department could do to limit the damges was to offer some free games on the PSN. Many users must have been outraged and wondering what type of security Sony had in place to ensure safety for its products/services and its target market. What made it even more funny was that a large coperation like Sony could only limit the damge to its brand image by giving away a few free games per user. Sorry but you need to try harder!

Social Networking sites are now in danger of being future targets for obtaining information that is very expensive in the world of business for any organisation. In the modern world anything can happen and in the online universe everything is possible. It is only a matter of time when we as users will turn on the television in the early morning only jus to find out that Facebook, Twitter or any other social network has been hacked. A cyber attack to a social networking website with a large number of users can and maybe will cause a huge panic because many of us do not want our information being sold to businesses that may target us. In other cases users do not want information being used to commit a ‘stolen identiy’ crime where they may register your name to obtain money furthmore anything else that may cause ones life  to be a nightmare.

Computers with software may be able to protect users from attacks but social networks where you have no control of the core websites security can be an issue if an up-to-date security is not integrated by the organisation. Mobiles and Tablets have been on the increase and in 2012 they will be even more easier targets for obtaining user information.


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