A Kick in Life!

There comes a time in everyones life when your very happy and don’t consider anything negative happening to you because your young but then something happens. “A Kick in Life” is what I call it when your going through a positive phase in your life and then naturally you start going through a phase where everything negative happens to you.

There is nothing you have done wrong or anything different from any other day and you just don’t understand why certain things are happening to you at the wrong time. For example you may be looking for a job, relationship and etc when you start going through a negative phase which ruins your plans. You can’t do much about it and feel as if you are going to be left behind in this busy World if the plans you had made have had to change. No one wants to go through a negative phase in their life but sometimes you can’t do much about it if you have; fallen ill, family member passing away and etc. These are challenges we have to face in life and if we can get through really negative, dark and difficult situations then it makes you stronger and preperared for future challenges.

“A person is a better person when they experience pain because then they consider other peoples pain.”


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