Two Romantic Dreams in Two Nights

For the first time I have had ‘Two Romantic Dreams in Two Nights’. This is very strange because I have done nothing unusual to encourage those type of dreams. I can’t remember much now but I know the dream I had last night was romantic, involved cuddling, kissing, holding hands and staring into each others eyes. I don’t even have a girlfriend to encourage that sort of dream.

It was the same the night before it and I got up all happy and loving life even though I’m going through some bad times. I think I can pinpoint the cause of being positive, happy and confident for these few days. For a while I had been kind of alone because I had lost a best friend who was a girl and for me a girl-friend is very important. Girls who you are friends with are more understanding, sensitive and caring than guys. They also like shopping and having a meal occasionally and this is what I enjoy too so it’s important I have caring friend who is a girl.

Anyways that best friend found a guy in her life and forgot about the friend who was there for her when she was sad or happy. Recently I have connected with a friend very well and this was through a social network. Now we even have each others numbers and we text on a daily basis and make each other smile with some banter. Her positive attitude and much love and care for me has most likely changed my life. I’m more happy with life when I actually might have been depressed because of my current situation. This special friend has been very good to me and I appreciate her a lot and she is the only reason I can think of for having romantic dreams.

This does not mean I’ve fallen in love with her but it indicates that when someone cares about you so much and makes you smile it can change you mentally. Changes because of her has made me feel cared about and that is causing me to have these nice romantic dreams. I only wish I could remember who that girl was in the past two dreams.


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