Unwell & Playing Gran Turismo 5

As I am ill and resting in bed till the late hours of the morning I thought why not play some Playstation 3 (PS3) games that I bought a year ago. I never got the chance to fully enjoy playing those games because it was my final year at university, dissertation and volunteer work took up most of my time.

Gran Turismo is one game which I have been a loyal fan of for years since its arrival on the Playstation 1 (PS1). I started playing yesterday and really enjoyed Gran Turismo 5 (GT5). The cars in the game and other content that you see is just amazing and uses the PS3 to its maximum potential.

I plan on playing more of GT5 while resting and free from any other activities. I have played and finished some games before that I own on the PS3 and need to buy new games but there isn’t much point if I won’t play them till they are a year old. I miss the days of being a hardcore gamer with consoles such as Sega, Nintendo 64, Cube and PS1 & 2.

I don’t think this post will be much help to someone who is trying to gain knowledge. This post does help reflect me as an individual and my life I hope.


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