Girls Wanting to be Fake in Newcastle!

Cheryl Cole

Just saw a tweet from a girl in Newcastle stating “gettting me blowjob lips next fridayyyyyyyyyy woooo! bring on the needles!!” Is there actually any need to change your natural lips? Do other girls agree with this sort of thing in Newcastle??? *I want answers*


As if this is something to celebrate. Your just being insecure about youself if you don’t like how you look and try to change how you look. When you’re born you are a beautiful person to your parents and everyone else, why change the natural look for something based on silicon! Girls in Newcastle and UK have no limits to what they won’t do, disgusting when there is so much else going on Worldwide and girls only thinking about applying fakery at every opportunity.


4 thoughts on “Girls Wanting to be Fake in Newcastle!

  1. It is all quite sad. I see from MSN today latest indications are that more men are worrying about how they look. Women have had to put up with the ‘media image’ for years but it is now apprently having an effect on men. All I can do is keep reminding people what is good about them and try to be a positive influence on them.

    • You read my mind. I am waiting for my webcam to be delivered because I am going to make a video of how men are feeling the pressure of ‘how they look’. More and more men are having to look at themselves and feel bad for not using the many products that other men use to take advantage of finding jobs or women. For example if men do not buy products for their skin, hair and other stuff then they are looked at differently while studying or at work. Thank you for the comment.

  2. I would be interested to see how you get on. I just wish people would not estimate their own self worth by how they think they should look, or how they think others think they should look.

    • I know what you mean. I have uploaded a video of what products men can use and how they can use it. It is not something which is cheap either but what can you do. No one has to do it but I do state that we are judged on how we look. Thank you for your comment.

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