Marketing Is Not Boring

Market Street

Image by glennharper via Flickr


Many people who are young and old have the perception that business or marketing is a boring topic and job. People who work in the business World may be seen as boring people who don’t have a life but that is not the case. People in the business environment are very enthusiastic people who have to think one step ahead of everyone around them. This is something which someone has naturally or learns over time, useful when working in an aggressive market with many competitors.

People who work in marketing or even study marketing are very creative, confident, motivated and enthusiastic. Now I’m not posting this because someone has said “marketing is boring” or anything like that. I am posting this just to make people aware of the personality that many marketeers have.

In marketing you always have the chance to be who you are and choose your project/work to reflect that. There is a certain element of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Opportunity‘ to be unique and create and implement for example a marketing strategy that no one has done before. That is what could set you aside in the organisation you work in or the business environment as a whole.

Personal Opinion

I can’t say for sure that many people who study marketing or work in it have the characteristics that I have stated above. I can state that many people who want to study marketing or work in that area are enthusiastic and like to have a certain amount of freedom in who they are and what they say. For them people its not all about the money but the satisfaction they experience when they see their work, campaign or strategies be a success.

If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a very energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, confident, talkative, creative and organised individual. People like myself have the ability to even motivate people around us and rub off characteristics onto them for a short period.  Sometimes there are people in this World who have a good combination of characteristics and if they were given a break to work at a large organisation then they could be appreciated Worldwide in the business environment.


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