Men Under Pressure

In recent years men have been under pressure for how they look by the media and the society they live in. You always saw the female population being under the media spotlight for looking underweight, overweight, insufficient make-up, hairstyle, fashion sense and etc. The modern World now expects men to consider many elements before stepping outside their house. 10 years ago you would not have seen many products for mens skin, hair and eyes but in the modern World you will find men now have a vast amount of choice when buying a product for their skin and hair.

Women in particular like men to take care of their body and show off how they look. This indicates to the female mind that a man who looks after his body will be healthy and be a good partner for her and a good father to her children.

In the video I uploaded to my YouTube channel ‘Room of Opinions’ I have given some advice on what products are available for certain areas of the body. Now the products I mentioned are not standard products you find in the supermarket, not all of them actually. To remove product build-up in your hair I suggested in the video that you could purchase and use a Deep Cleansing Shampoo from Label.M.

This product smells nice and makes your feel very clean and refreshed with no signs of grease or oil.

Another product I mentioned which was important on a daily basis was the ‘Witch Face Wash’. Now this product is like a foam and it does not irritate your skin, smells nice and makes you feel refreshed with no oily or greasy skin. I have sensitive skin and this is perfect for me and I recommend this to any who wants a cleanser that does not irritate the skin.

It is important that after using a cleanser you use a cream/moisturiser to stop your skin from drying up and being rough. Nivea will keep your skin smooth and moist.

Other products I mentioned in YouTube are shown in the photos below and I would suggest you watch my video on YouTube ‘Room of Opinions’ for more information.

Thank you for reading this post.

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