Hearing ‘Phantom Vibrations’ from Smartphones

Smartphone Evolution

Image by Phil Roeder via Flickr

A study has revealed that people who are addicted to their smartphones and wait in anticipation for their next notification to arrive are prone to hearing ‘phantom vibrations’. I can relate to this problem because I have heard ‘phantom vibrations’ when waiting in anticipation for the next notification, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Text and more.

This study was conducted out at the University of Worcester and it indicates that users are finding themselves more stressed when they think they have heard a buzz and immediately check their email and social networking apps/sites. Hearing a ‘phantom buzz’ is leading users to check their phones more often than usual and this causing more stress. This is a problem for employers and this study should be considered if smartphones are affecting the employees stress levels.

The Marketing Shark

Source: http://www.t3.com/news/smartphone-addicts-can-hear-phantom-vibrations-says-study


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