The Next Generation of Television

More and more TV’s at CES 2012 were showing off that their TV has internet. People want internet on TV and want apps to go along with it. Apple TV is something that is rumoured to be coming out in the Television Market. Apple TV and Google TV will be competing against each other just as they are in the mobile market at the present. We all know how effective Apple are in their marketing campaigns, Apple does offer an interface that is smooth and user friendly. For example products like iPad and iPhones have that smooth and user friendly interface.

Image representing Apple TV as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Google TV will be an interesting piece of technolgy because they have more online services than Apple. Google TV can offer what they always have, integration of all its services in one place. Google TV can bej ust like Google on the web with services like GMail, Google+ and the search engine integrated into one place for convenience. The brand offers even more by making books, documents, Android apps, movies and other stuff available on its TV. Many people in a few years time will be able to watch a programme/movie on the TV while using Facebook/Twitter/Google+ alongside it on the screen or the touchscreen tablet that replaces the remote.

The TV remote is also a peice of technology which is going to change to something more interesting. You ever heard of tablets? Of course you have because tablets are going through a demanding phase in the consumer market. Tablets will be the remote control to TV’s to make it easier for the user to type text, read information about a programme/movie or find out from a socail network how many are watching what you are.

Google TV and Apple TV will not be the only companies in the future television market but some such as Sony are behind in grabbing this opportunity for the future. That alone said it is likely that Google TV and Apple TV will be the major brands selling TV’s in the next generation and be fierce competitors for each other and build a barrier to new entrants in the market.


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