People Changing my Mood!

I was in a really good mood today till someone on my Facebook left her chat on. That person is a good friend, think. When that person left her Facebook on someone started chatting to me and stated they were the profile users friend. Anyways I got judged before they even read any pages of my life. I got judged because I had an education, job and creative hobbies. Anyways below is the chat we had:

Facebook Friend: I mean like….whats your crack? (I.e what you all about e.g like and dislikes in gernal)

Me: oh k haha

Me: well finished uni in a degree in business and marketing management. love marketing, creative stuff, swimming, music, tech, business stuff, art.

Facebook Friend: one. Didn;t ask for your CV two. Degree you do realise you meant as well have cut it out the back of a cereal box its worth that much soz to be harsh but I’m a bit of a big mouth.

Me: thanks for judging..

Facebook Friend: tahts what I do thats*

I’m a total keyboard warrior mind I’d be as sweet as pie if you met me in person haha
Me:well means alot to me and its a big reward for me cuz it paid off with the job i have. thats just ur perception..

Me: well u didnt be nice to me there
Me: i was just glad to tell u what i did and liked bt u made me feel bad abt what i’ve done in life
Facebook Friend: I also worked for student loans for 6 months and I fucking loath students with every inch of my body from speaking to them every day and they actually called me a fat bitch and black bitch so ya naa
Me: well its a minority of ppl.dnt mean everyone is like that. its like me judging people who i’ve never met just cuz of where they work or what they do in life.

i give ppl a chance before judging. bt it seemed u judged me before reading the book
This spoilt my mood. What is it with people in Newcastle? Do they enjoy coming on Facebook to start a chat with me just so they can hurt my feelings. I hope these people who hurt me when I don’t target any individuals ever and bully them get what they deserve. I hope bad things happen to them and I CURSE them to suffer!

4 thoughts on “People Changing my Mood!

  1. These people are and should be not be so significant in your life that you should allow them to ruin your day. Smile and forget them! Their remarks reflect more about themselves than you!

  2. hi its bernie ! u can not speak about me like this ! my mate gave her opinion about u ! and u judged us both n that alone ? i never said or done anything to u ! i can not control what people think about u ,it didnt come from me did it ? u said i shouldn’t have left my facebook on ,but i only went to the loo and when i came back u 2 were getting along then when things turned nasty between u2 i got dragged into it ? remember u said u were gonna send a friend request to her ? so what if u would have become friends ? and she had said them things to u then would that still be my fault ? u and me were friends but if ur gonna blame me for something i did not do or have any control over cos i was not bloody there then nav ur not the person i thought u were r u so think about that before u try make me out to be the baddie in all ov this !

    • At no point in this post I mentioned the fault of my Facebook friend. Don’t know where she is getting the idea that I am ‘slating’ her. I have not indicated that she was in the wrong. I clearly state she left her Facebook chat on and someone she knew came on and made me feel bad about having a education and etc.

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