Football Manager 2012 – The Road to Barclays Premier League

Football Manager 2012

Football Manager 2012 (Photo credit: Dekuwa)

I have been a fan of football management games on PC since Championship Manager 3. Since Football Manager started its series of football management I have been playing them each year. I am very experienced as I have adapted to the new features of each installment. Big teams such as Manchester United and Barcelona are teams I pick to manage in the first few weeks when I buy a new game but after a number of weeks you feel like taking on a low division team.

Other people I know have asked me why I choose to manage a low division team when they don’t have any big name players or the finance to win major trophies straight away. However it is very rewarding when you manage a team from npower League 2 and help them reach the Coca Cola Championship or Barclays Premier League. It may not be in the space of 5 years in the game but you build the club and make it a success over time.

I started a new game this week with Shrewsbury Town in the npower League 2 who are predicted to finish in 11th position. I have made some transfer deals to help the club achieve a higher position. Below is a list of players I brought in:


Krisztian Adorjan from Liverpool

Elliot Parish from Aston Villa

Lawson D’Ath from Reading

Jon Williams from Crystal Palace

Free Transfers

Dean Bouzanis

Pablo Counago

My top player will be Pablo Counago as he has high attributes and is the best striker I have. It is hard to say what will happen because the season has only started.

Below are some screenshots of my squad list and the formation I use. I will try to post an update every season with information and screenshots. Hopefully I can get this team to the top.




4 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012 – The Road to Barclays Premier League

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    • FM12 was good but the new one I’m not addicted to and I have not played it. First time since Championship Manager 3 that I have not bought a game from the series. It feels as if they just trying to make money now and make a few tweaks.

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