I just don’t feel okay at the moment. I am angry for some reason and I’m angry at certain people within our society in the modern World. There are many things that should be said or done which are just being ignored.

For example many people just talk about having a night out everyday of the week till the weekend finally arrives for them. Then they complain about not having money or having a hangover. I do not think many people stop and take time to reflect on their life and their actions. Many do not even stop to think about people who have died until someone close to them dies and that is when they remember life is not about partying 24/7.

Many forget to realise that they should have some shame and not just be half naked in town every night waiting for some guy to pull them. Of course you are going to be pulled and used if you are most nights looking desperate. Be subtle.

Life is short and we are all on a train and have to get off on our own stops. No one will help us getting off and we have to do it alone. It is best we make memories that are good and involves our families or someone we are going to have a future with for life. Time is our biggest enemy and especially for girls who do all that posing half naked at clubs or even in the day. You may think your youth and beauty will last forever but if partying is all you do then you won’t have anyone who loves you when you get past 40+.

You have a better life if you are using your heart to build relationships and not your body. Guys are not any better either because they play around with girls and then they are alone in their old age because they have no wife and no kids. Some despise their parents because they don’t let them do what they want but life is a funny. Thing is that when some will end up alone in their old age with their parents dead they will deeply regret not listening to them…this includes boys and girls.

I listened to my parents in time and I did something about my life and set myself on the right path!


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