Example of a Hurtful Geordie Girl!

I was like other nights just browsing the Twitter timeline and tweeting (starting conversations) people who I follow and follow me back. Most of my tweets which I’ll list below are usually kind, caring and friendly. I am never unfriendly when I start a conversation but when someone turns horrible then it may change but not in the beginning especially after many attempts of being calm and nice.

For example these are some of my friendly tweets:

I can’t display the horrible things that girl said after my tweet to me and her friends because she has protected her account now. I tweeted  a reply to a tweet of hers about ‘picturing’ someones ‘hair’ or something with “lol and I can picture your hair from the profile photo”.

My intentions were to have a laugh and just receive a tweet joking back or something because I usually banter with most of my friends from Newcastle in calm and funny manner. But guess what I was judged and tried without even getting to know me and who I am. I always believe that being nice is the best way to travel through life and be happy but many people don’t like that concept moreover many are self centered and have the attitude of “FUCK THE REST“.

I only got angry when this person tweeted some bad things about me to some other people she knew on Twitter. Yes after her first hurtful tweet I did post the following tweets to her:

As you can see I was not as rude as many would get in a situation like this and tried talking it out. I would have wanted to show her tweets so that you the reader had the chance to compare and see how some people can just be selfish and horrible.

Yes below is the girl I am talking about and you can see she is careless and got the “FUCK EVERYONE” attitude but when looks fade so will the attitude.

Reason why I have blogged about this is because I want to raise awareness of how hard it is for good guys in this city to meet any decent girl from Newcastle. A girl who can be nice, loyal, mature and caring. There are actually them girls in this city and I am friends with most of them but there are a few bad apples and that is actually the same situation everywhere in the World. But I would want to point out that most guys like myself just can’t trust girls in Newcastle anymore because they be nice for a few minutes and then they change even if you are in a relationship or just friendship.

I would want to be proven wrong by a girl who can be a long term good friend without any motive to gain something from a guy like me. Most good guys who are nice don’t be considered by these ‘PARTY’ girls in todays culture but when they hit the age of 35-40 their youth and looks are gone. They are all alone because the bad boys or which ever they preferred don’t want them and want only young women. That is when then they can’t find any good guys because they be taken by girls who don’t waste their youth on players. Same goes story goes for guys who you find middle aged and alone at some bar/club with no wife and kids.


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