You Can’t Control Life

There are always some aspects in life that we can not control. One of the most important elements in our lives is health and when you are healthy you have everything in life. However you can not control how your health may change at any given moment even if you live a healthy lifestyle. Many people won’t understand it because when someone has never had bad health then they can’t understand or be considerate to those who might be suffering.

Back to my point!
Life throws numerous obstacles in front of us and sometimes were lucky to miss them and sometimes we walk right into them and get harmed (health, financially, friendship & etc).

Others might say they can control what happens to them but they aren’t really thinking straight or have any idea. Certain things in life can change who you are and what you can do. It’s a disappointment for sure when some just head out every weekend and party. They usually state “why shouldn’t we have fun just because someone is ill” or “don’t mean we should stop enjoying ourselves.” Typical talk and something that they could do is be considerate. They forget that some day when they are ill or something then others won’t notice them or consider them and will party just like they did.

“What goes around comes back around.”

Be caring and look out for others young or old and don’t be so stuck up in life. Don’t think and say “I don’t know that person so why shall I help them” or “what will I get from helping them”. You helping someone will lead to someone someday helping you when you need it most.

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