Day I Watched Skyfall & Went To Coast to Coast

Monday 29th October 2012

I had an amazing day when I went and watched Skyfall, movie was just epic. I won’t spoil it for everyone by saying what I thought about it. However this movie is what everyone has been waiting for in the James Bond series. Maybe the movie that actually matches the classic Bond movies and Daniel Craig who reminds you a bit of Sean Connery with his intensity and chilled out remarks.

Popcorn at Skyfall

Me and this friend went to Coast to Coast after we watched the movie and I really enjoyed the service and food. My friend however had a different opinion and thought it was too posh and english. I like visiting different places and keeping my life interesting. Nandos was my favourite place for many years when at college and university. After many years you get bored with the same menu and place, nice to try something different and not have a boring routine.

Coast to Coast – The Gate – Newcastle


Overall I had a good experience watching the movie and having dinner at the nice restaurant but it was ruined by my friend not liking anything. Throughout the day there was nothing we agreed upon and all I heard was criticism about things I loved, e.g. The Simpsons, shopping/clothes, Apple and etc.


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