I Cooked & Ate Amazing Pasta

I was in the mood for some pasta today and thought I’d make the extra effort of taking my time and using some nice ingredients to make it taste like heaven.

Poured some water into the little pot and added some salt and pepper, waited for water to boil. Once the water was boiling I added the pasta and stirred every 4-5 minutes to keep it from sticking together.

After about 10-15 minutes the pasta was softer and bigger. I drained all the water out of the pasta and then added some Dolmio Original. Once the sauce started to heat up and mix with the pasta I stirred it a few times and added some corriander.

Pasta in the pot.

I put the lid on the pot to let it steam up while I grated some cheese. After pouring the pasta onto a plate I added the cheese on top.

Pasta with Mature Chedder Cheese. (Delicious Food)

Every mouthful was very nice and just heaven. This was another level of feeling while eating this delicious dish.


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