Virtually Impossible to Find a iPad Mini!

I have been to every store and there are no iPad Mini’s 16gb white/black in either Newcastle or Gateshead. What is the point of these Apple Stores if they never have the products in stock and get told to order it online and wait 2 weeks. I feel very frustrated, disappointed and angry. Being an Apple loyal customer I feel as if Apple just don’t care anymore because of the success they have attained now because of us consumers. People will just go and buy some other tablet if Apple can not provide customers with the products they advertise daily on TV. What are Apple exactly doing as a company if they can’t provide. Apple seriously are losing customers and their loyalty if they are always out of stock and customers want to buy a Apple product. Some will just not come back.


4 thoughts on “Virtually Impossible to Find a iPad Mini!

  1. it’s true, the tablet market is so flooded with different tablets and e-readers – every other ad on the Tv seems to be for some tablet or other. You would think, after hyping up the iPad mini so much, they would have made enough to go round…?
    I don’t mean to annoy you more, but I have an iPad mini, and it IS great – but I did have to order it online and wait the 2 weeks… 😉

    • Yeah you are correct. There is a lot of competition and Apple may not reach the potential of sales that it should because of distribution. iPad Mini has actually been very popular despite the Google Nexus 7 face-off. I’ve looked into Nexus 7 and biggest problem some people who are not tech savy will not be aware that many of the Android apps are not made for Tablets and anything like Facebook or Twitter is just upscaled from mobiles to the tablets. Reason why I would go for a Apple product any day.

      I’ve ordered it via PC World as they guarantee delivery by next week so don’t have to wait 2 weeks.

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