Life Has Slowed Down

There a certain phases in life you have to go through to become a better person. For example I am going through a phase that is enormously challenging for me mentally. Life tends to go at super speed when you have targets set that you want to achieve by a certain period. At the moment I do have targets set that I want to achieve but there is a feeling that they are not simple enough as handing in an essay or achieving a certain grade. When you’re outside of the academic life then there is no safety bubble to keep you from experiencing certain complications.

At certain moments in life there are certain situations that can arise and you can’t control anything. You just have to take it and keep going because that’s life. In life we can all feel as if everything has slowed down and we are stuck in a place which we can’t get out of. Especially for many people who have no job but the potential to be great in their chosen career. Clearly it’s our own perception that can change the speed of time in our lives. When we are enjoying life time can just pass by very quickly.

My ambitions and motivated attitude has many expectations in life and targets that need to be achieved. These are needs that when fed can provide amazing self-satisfaction. I am certain I will start progressing again in life furthermore be a better person because of my patient attitude through this slow and dark period.

Will try to write a daily.
Keep reading.


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