Young Team Scenario

I have planned to create a custom scenario from editing the database and choosing a lower league team. This team has been recently purchased by a rich successful person and with the resources several young players have been bought. These players are the future of the club and are expected to ensure several promotions through the lower leagues and be competent in the premier league when they are finally mature.

Below are some screenshots of what the team looks like at the beginning of this scenario that I have created myself. These players may seem the best but they have not reached their potential and have very low attributes.

Gateshead 2013 Squad Start

Gateshead 2013 Squad Start

Gateshead Squad 13 Tactics Start

Gateshead Squad 13 Tactics Start

– – – Update – – –

This screenshot below should help indicate that even with the mass amount of talent I have available I still have no advantage and the teams overall rating seems fair with the league. The players will become great but at the moment they are only competent in the Blue Square Bet Premier.

Luton 2 - 2 Gateshead

Luton 2 – 2 Gateshead


– – – Update 21/01/2013 – – –

Not playing this scenario anymore as it had many problems. I will blog a new post regarding the new scenario which has been a success so far and a better experience.


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