Leeds United 2013

I have not edited Leeds United with the FM13 Editor Tool as I have started the game in Football Manager Classic Mode. I have done the following to improve Leeds United as a club:

1. Bought some FMC Unlockables –

  • No Work Permits
  • Foreign Influx
  • All Players Interested
  • High Visibility

2. With the Unlockables I have been able to attract and purchase players that I would not be able to in the league that Leeds United are at the moment. I have players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and Pique.

You may wonder how I am able to finance these players. Well I found a tool which only gives you options to edit your clubs finances and that’s all. I don’t care if this is seen as cheating. What I am trying to do is achieve certain goals by creating a scenario. It is very interesting to see how far you can go with a team and what you can achieve. Like maybe 30 matches unbeaten and etc.

Below are general screenshots of my Leeds United Squad and the tactics I use.

Leeds United 2013

Leeds United 2013

Leeds United 13_2

Leeds United Tactics 13


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