Muslims Who Are Not Really Muslims

This isn’t being judgemental or any other crap so I don’t want some stupid comments. Some people are in denial and don’t admit that they portray themselves as Muslims but do disgusting things which no religion would accept.

There are some people who deceive their family members. They are very used to lying all their life that they can’t stop themselves and lie to everyone and never admit their fault. Disgusting how some can have be married and be cheating on them while keeping them locked in the house and not letting them do anything they want. Why get married if you don’t tend to fulfill the basic duties as a partner no matter what religion you are from.

Plus these sick people who are seen as respectable people in society because of education or job can be child molesters who deserve to be locked away. In what way are these people Muslim when they’ve done all this in their life and can’t stop themselves from ruining other peoples lives. Of course other people are going to be outraged when a evil disgusting person is seen as respectable and part of a company when they are not aware that person has molested children. People live their lives like this deceiving others and it’s their way of life and this world is so fucked up that there is no justice.

The victim in the community is always made to feel more horrible and feel ashamed if they go forward and tell what’s happened to them. This includes rape and other stuff that can happen to people. They get treated that way because they think it’s the victims fault for getting themselves in that situation. How is anyone meant to predict when they will get raped or assaulted no matter where they go or what situation they are in?

One thing I can say is that as Humans we may not see everything that happens but God (ALLAH SWT) sees everything you do and will be punished soon. This life is short and they might think they’ve got away with it but you have to answer to your sins very very soon when your stop arrives.


2 thoughts on “Muslims Who Are Not Really Muslims

  1. This is something I have been thinking about lately. I think when religion just means acts of good deeds to counter-balance the bad, we defraud ourselves of what religion really is. Religion should be a relationship with God that transforms us from the inside out, no matter what it is you follow. If not, as you alluded to, it’s worth nothing.

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