Down & Stuck

I am in the period of my life where I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. I thought after finishing University I wouldn’t need to think long-term about my future anymore but guess what it’s the same old crap. I have time now to spend a lot of my time on certain hobbies that brought me joy but marketing will always be something that brings me joy too. That only brings me joy if I am making a difference and being noticed by working in a place where I get to input my ideas and etc.

The whole point is that if every person in this world has the opportunity to fulfill their potential then there wouldn’t be any crime or several people feeling unsatisfied. They would be able to spend time doing something they love and not be unhappy.

Anyways I am talking as usual. Hoping to meet new people in Newcastle who can maybe bring me back that smile I always used to have.


Marketing Cuts at HSBC

HSBC has not used the word “cut” but actually used a word that sounds more positive, “restrucures” is the word that has been used for the marketing division within the organisation. There are many people who work in the marketing division that will be unemployed soon because the organisation is going to integrate many of the departments in the marketing division to cut costs.

There are many such as myself who have studied in the field of marketing and find it very hard in the UK to actually find a company that is ready to employ. Marketing is a very important element in any organisation, people who have studied marketing create, plan and implement strategies that help gain exposure for the business. Marketing is not only considered to be an area that involves advertising. In numerous ways marketing is the tool that causes companies to gain a high volume of customers, sales, revenue and etc. People who have the knowledge and skills in this field help businesses to even change who they are, for example CRM (Cause Related Marketing) decades ago helped American Express gain exposure and business by relating themselves to a cause like the refurnishing of the Statue of Liberty.

At the time that was a modern CRM and it helped build a great cooperate image for American Express as it made customers aware that they could help the cause. People were able to help the cause if they made a application for a American Express card during the campaign period, $1 from each application would go towards restoring the Statue of Liberty.

The point I am trying to make is that marketing is a very important aspect to businesses and cutting jobs or funds to a important element of the business strategy can cause more problems. The economic downturn is causing businesses to point the blame to the marketing departments for failures and financial troubles. It only takes one effective marketing campaign to make a business successful and it has to be consistent, Apple is one example to consider.

Purpose of Facebook ‘Poke’

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
By Naveed Ahmed

Many people see this tool called ‘Poke‘ as a method to annoy other people or get their attention but as a marketeer I see something else.

The ‘Poke’ tool if used effectively and consistently can be a method to imprint you into your ‘Friends’ minds. For example if you poke them not every minute but atleast twice a day then you can make sure they remember you as a valued friend from any experience you may have had together offline or online. You as a user ‘Poking’ friends will ensure they remember your face and important facts. No matter where that person goes they will remember you because you keep ‘Poking’ them and appear on their notifications on a computer or handheld device.

I am not saying this technique will work because many users do not poke back or delete that ‘Poke’ to be able to receive anothe poke. This does mean that this technique can work with mutual or close friends who you have had positive experiences with. Even though that user may not remember anything about you from Facebook but they will remember any good time you had together, for example a party, dinner and etc.

This is a good technique to ensure that you are remembered by a friend and not forgotten through a busy life. Good marketing ‘drip campaign’ to advertise yourself for free by ‘Poking’ people. However I do want to state that ‘Poking’ random people may not have a positive effect because they won’t know you personally unless they ‘Add’ you and become online/offline friends.

You may raise awareness of your existence through this but that user you poked may not acknowledge it from the numerous other pokes they have received. This is mainly the case with females because they get a lot of pokes from random men if they have a photo revealing what guys want to see and touch. If you show a Lion some flesh with blood on it then of course his natural instinct will be to eat it and this is the same case when guys see a womens body. Guys just want to get what they see without any thought.

Virgin Media under investigation for broadband speed claims

Virgin Media

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Virgin Media’s claims of ‘the UK’s fastest broadband’ have brought a formal investigation by the Advertising Standard Authority.

Virgin Media is currently under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority, following complaints over its claimed broadband speeds.

T3 was told by the ASA that it has an ongoing formal investigation into Virgin Media with regards to adverts which claim it provides ‘the UK’s fastest broadband.’

BT has challenged whether the claim is misleading and can be substantiated.

Matt Wilson from the ASA told us: “The outcome of an upheld ASA investigation, i.e. where an advertiser if found in breach of the Advertising Code is that the ad has to be withdrawn and is prohibited from appearing again. We have and will continue to clamp down on any advertiser that makes misleading advertising claims about its broadband services.”

The organisation will release its findings ‘imminently’.

We contacted Virgin Media for a comment, and a spokesperson told us: “Virgin Media delivers broadband speeds of up to 100Mb, soon to be 120Mb, more than 13 times faster than the UK’s average. And we deliver on the speeds we promise, consistently proven by Ofcom.”

The ASA has upheld complaints against Virgin’s broadband speed claims in the past. In 2009 B Sky B  challenged whether the claim “10 out of 10 homes with our fibre optic broadband can get 20Mb” was misleading, because it did not believe there was sufficient capacity in Virgin’s network to provide all customers with 20Mb at the same time.

And in 2011 BT challenged Virgin adverts which stated “Ofcom have proven our fibre optic broadband is around twice as fast as BT.”

Do you feel you are getting the speed of internet you were sold? Why not check out your current speeds at


Sky takes on LoveFilm and YouView with internet TV package

BSkyB is to launch an internet TV service that will open up its content to those that do not subscribe to its current pay-TV offering, taking on the likes of LoveFilm, Netflix and the soon to be launched YouView.

The new platform will allow Sky to reach the 13 million households in the UK who do not subscribe to any pay-TV service, by offering films, and eventually entertainment programmes and sport at a cheaper price than its traditional model and without the need to sign up to a minimum contract.

It will be available in the first half of this year across a “wide range” of connected devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles, games consoles and connected TVs.

Jeremy Darroch, Sky’s chief executive, says: “This new product launch will build on our early leadership in multi-platform distribution. It will allow us to make our expertise and investment in content and technology work even harder, extending our options for continued growth.”

The launch comes as Sky marked a slowdown in the number of households that signed up to its TV service. It added 40,000 net new customers in its second quarter, down from the 140,000 customers that signed up to Sky TV in the same period the previous year.

Marketing costs fell by 12% to £541m in the six months to 31 December as it scaled back acquisition activity in favour of retention. Above the line advertising costs were reduced by £10m year on year and Sky says it also achieved the “expected savings” by closing its customer magazine.

Sky’s underlying profits grew 16% to £601m – a record in the six month period – as the company continued to grow its broadband and telephony additions. Revenue was up 6% to £3.4bn in the period.

In the year ahead, Sky says it aims to bring more “high quality” content to Sky customers, including a new channel dedicated to Formula 1, a social TV offering and VOD content from the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

Sky also says it aims to create more than 1,300 jobs across the UK and Ireland over the next two years as it looks to bring more of its customer service staff in-house and open up a new service centre in Dublin.