Gender Fashion Comparison

These photos clearly show that there is more effort (higher budgets) allocated into the Female Fashion industry and not much of an effort is made for the Male Fashion industry. Maybe there is more effort put into the Male Fashion industry for the wealthy consumer but for the average consumer in the UK this is what they get.

It makes me feel very frustrated that when the Womens Fashion is marketed it spends a lot of time and money creating a perception of ‘Sexyness’ with a lot of body exposure, Mens Fashion does not make me feel excited or interested in buying the products being marketed. This is the result of less time and money utilised in making Mens Fashion important just like Womens Fashion but then again why should they when they want to make a profit and Women spend more.

The fashion industry is valuable and makes a lot of money and companies tend to target women because they make up the large percentage for incoming revenue and this leaves Mens Fashion second to any budgets, designers, marketing, time and effort.

Be the judge for yourself with the boring products that men are offered compared to women. I don’t know maybe being a guy I see them women in those photos looking ‘sexy’ in them clothes and that girls actually like what men wear and not what they are offered.