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When you first started using Facebook you were excited to have access to a tool which helped communicate with present and long lost friends. Facebook makes it convenient for people to communicate with each other, streaming environment unlike the email. The tool does only inform you of other people’s lives unlike Twitter the broadcasting tool of all news.

I did a dissertation related to Diffusion of Innovations for my final year at the University of Sunderland, business and product selected to test and explain the theory was Apple’s iPod’s. Now every product or service goes through this process and it is similar to the product life cycle.

The ‘Diffusion of Innovations’ however is different because it involves the rate of the social system at adopting an innovation.  For example with Apple’s iPod it was the loyal brand consumers and technology enthusiasts who were the innovators, early adopters were influenced by the exclusive product that the innovators carried around. Early adopters helped the product be a success by influencing others such as the early majority. The ‘rate of adoption’ can be slow or fast and every innovation is unique in that way, cooperation’s that have had previous success may see a fast ‘rate of adoption’ in the social system.

Everett Rogers popularised the theory in his book back in 1962 ‘Diffusion of Innovations’ and the 2010 edition is available now.

Back to the main topic, Facebook went through exactly the same process except it had no brand followers and it were ‘geeks’ and friends of the owner who were the innovators in the ‘rate of adoption’ model. As time went by it was adopted in the social system by the younger generation at first and then the older generation who are known as the late majority for now. Now from that Facebook changed and your experience changed as a user because it was not exclusive. Below is a list of the ‘type of people’ you may have on your Facebook account, parents and older relatives for example would not be on that list in 2007.

In order of importance to a majority on Facebook:

  1. Relative
  2. Intimate Relationship
  3. Mutual Friend
  4. Online Friend
  5. Just a Facebook Number

Another blog post in the future will explain in detail the various types of ‘Facebook Friends’ that are listed above.


Let’s Invade a Country

Proud To Be A Muslim

Maybe non-Muslims should have stayed out of muslim countries if they never understood our religion. Would USA attack aliens on a planet who cause no threat just because they do not understand their life. Muslims or China never interferes with Countries in the West and they dnt invade countries if they are low in resources! T.E Lawrence told the West that a guest in your house is only welcome for a few days, after a while you want them gone. He also told us that invading other countries does not benefit either side and that you have to understand someone’s culture and religion. #TELawrence clearly did because he was among Muslims. Some people like in Universities in England do not try to understand Muslims even though we interact with them on daily basis.

No Google Analytics

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After an hour spending time reading about Google Analytics and Google Ads I find out that it is useless for a small blog on WordPress.com. If you want to use Google Analytics to demonstrate certain features for an e-Marketing assignment then WordPress can not help you. To be able to upload a plugin into a blog you will have to upgrade to WordPress.org. Basically you either have to buy a web server for a monthly/annual rate or host your own WordPress blog through its available software.

Once again this is no help to fellow student who wants to use Google Analytics features and the benefits it has for website owners. If a student is not gifted on I.T and does not have a personal made website then they will have to demonstate Google Analytics features with blank figures and diagrams.

May not be a strong demonstration but atleast you are showing how this free Google feature can benefit you or a business.

Hope this helps but for more information Google ‘WordPress.com vs WordPress.org’. This will help you understand the differences between them and which is best suited for your needs.

Post-Graduate Job & Friendship

Tuesday 15th January 2011

Applied for two post-graduate vacancies which are very far from home, far away will be good. I will be looking for more vacancies and applying in local areas too. There is a feeling of being lost again like in the teenage years but I am strong and will cope with whatever challenges I face.

I hope i get a 2:1 in my degree at least.

What else? I feel as every week, month and year goes by I am loosing my friends and especially loosing my bond with my best friend. Dinners and other activities have really not helped as we have a different level of understanding  and he don’t talk about anything that is different from before or intellectual. I can probably say I don’t have a best friend anymore or any good friend who is constantly or regular communicating with me and I believe social networking has killed off any friends I had. I don’t mind people doing what’s important in life but its always nice to have a group of friends which you feel your part of but I’m not part of anything.

I guess I’m learning very important lessons as life goes on and I believe people will always call themselves my friends so I’m some benefit to them but I don’t want to be anyones asset. If people keep going on like this then I will always perceive people as another step on a ladder and start using them instead to achieve what I want,  I do already think I am in University to achieve the goals I have set myself and not to make any friends. If someone wants to be friendly then fair enough but I don’t care anymore because University is not forever and I am only their to achieve a target in life and move on.It is always nice to make friends along the way for life but you can never force anyone to be your friend and that is fair enough as I know how i’ve endured pain in my life and I am stronger and never given up, others would have given up, no ones ever asked so I’ve never told anyone.

Not down at all about this!

Thanks to anyone who reads this as I am only reporting what I am experiencing and this is a blog to express myself and if someone doesn’t like it then they should not read it or be part of my life. Friends are always their for you when you are up or down!

Thank You

Marketing Strategy (Essay Ideas – Problem)

After thoroughly searching many of the Journal websites that the University of Sunderland provides to its students for free I hit a major problem. There are no journals on a particular product line from any alcohol companies; Smirnoff is not even recognised on the Emerald site. However there are reports that I can download which are related to social responsibility and how it is affecting young people. I have downloaded many journals as I will need them for the later stages of my Marketing Strategy Essay Report.

Will have to report to my tutor and ask her if I could use the Financial Times or any other website if I am unable to collect information. Not too worried as I know I will continue investigating the internet and official reports to find a suitable product line for my essay, obviously I will not share any information on where I found those reports but I will blog my progress.


Market Strategy Updated (May 2011)

If it is difficult to find any journals then it is best a PDF is downloaded by Googling the companies name. For example Diageo always has annual reports published which illustrate the market share of each product and compares itself to its competitors.

If anymore help is needed then just leave a comment.